Hello, Skillshare.

My name is David and I am applying for your Senior Content Producer role. I create online video, courses for internal and external audiences, and work collaboratively with teams to produce high quality learning. Clients include The Museum of Modern Art, The Nature Conservancy of California, and Johnson & Johnson.

Most recently, I created the video content for an online course for the National Gallery of Art on edX, Teaching Critical Thinking through Art. Over 5,000 people have enrolled in the course from over 20 countries.

Recent Work: Online Course with the National Gallery of Art



Working with the client and product manager, I created the branding components for the site, including image guidelines, slideshows, and video series.


I edited over 25 videos for the course including a course teaser, interviews, sample lessons, and excerpts for conferences and presentations.


Working with talent and crews to create the best product.



I launched the web video presence for The Museum of Modern Art in 2006, handling all aspects from pre-production through shooting and post either independently or by collaborating with shooters, editors, or other staff. I’ve edited podcasts,

Talent & Collaboration

I’m comfortable working with talent from A-level actors to C-suite executives, or behind-the-scenes specialists in science and art. I’ve run workshops and created experiences and products with companies such as IKEA, Google, Johnson & Johnson, and startups in technology, medicine, and wellness.

A Commitment to Storytelling and Education.

I’ve worked in education throughout my career, whether training kids to use Microsoft Office, teaching employees how to use custom software through web-based courses, or leading meditation classes for teens through live video-streaming platforms.

In short, I love teaching, learning, and offering spaces for others to go through that process. Skillshare is a great platform for liberating education to as many people as possible, and I’d love to help that grow.